How Can I Contact My Fans?

Am I able to message the listeners that become fans?

Free accounts do not have access to fan messaging tools. Only monthly package subscribers are able to contact fans. To subscribe to a monthly package and become eligible to connect with fans, please make a purchase from your PLAY CREDITS>BUY CREDITS page.

How can I contact my fans?


You can message them from the Listeners>Fans section. You will see you have the option of messaging them all at once by writing them a Mass Email. You can send mass emails up to 2 times a week. You can also choose a specific fan to message by selecting the envelope icon next to their name. Keep in mind the messages sent from this section do NOT get sent to your fans’ personal emails- these messages get sent to your fans’ Jango email section in their listener’s account on Jango.com


When your fans choose to provide their email address, they get saved in the Email Addresses page under the Listeners menu. You can email these fans directly from your personal email to theirs.


When you go to the Fans page under the Listeners menu you will see fans that have the Facebook icon next to their name. You can click on it to reach their Facebook profile. You can send them a friend request and then message them directly on Facebook.