How To Use Artist Bundles To Increase Play Speed

Increase Play Speed Using Song Level Targeting

There are a number of different ways to increase airplay speed on your songs - such as changing the play speed setting and adding more artist targets to your list of similar artists.

Did you know that with only standard artist targeting and more than one song receiving promotional plays, your songs are actually competing for airplay spots with each other?
This is because they are all working for airplay spots in the same 5-30 artists targets you have chosen in your standard targeting.

Using Artist Target Bundles can greatly help in increasing the frequency of plays!

Increase your target audience size by creating different sets of Artist Target Bundles. You can then turn on Song-Level targeting and apply those different bundles to your live songs.

You don't have to make each bundle completely different from one-another if an artist target set is working for your song promotions. However, even by switching up 5-8 artists per 30 artist target bundle you'll be reaching a larger set of listeners and your songs will have competition for airplay in the artist stations on Jango Radio.

Artist Bundles can be accessed from the CAMPAIGN SETTINGS > MANAGE ARTIST TARGET BUNDLES page:

From this page you can create bundles by grouping artists and linking the bundles to specific songs.
Creating separate bundles for multiple songs increases the targeting, therefore speed is increased as well. Here are some targeting tips that can help drastically increase the airplay frequency of your songs:


Choose 30 artists on the CAMPAIGN SETTINGS > STANDARD TARGETING page


Choose no more than 2-4 songs per bundle on the CAMPAIGN SETTINGS > MANAGE ARTIST TARGET BUNDLES page


Make sure you have at least 15-30 artists selected for each bundle (the more you select, the faster the speed will be)


Do not duplicate artists that you have on your Standard Targeting list or any other bundle, so no two bundles should have the same artists.