What is Premium Targeting?

The Premium Targeting option allows you to focus your plays on a very specific listening audience from the larger global Jango Radio listeners. The benefit could be for an artist who only wants to be played in certain countries or US states, or to certain ages or genders. Please note that selecting Premium Targeting reduces your eligible audience size and can significantly slow down your play rate due to the reduced number of available listeners.

ONLY when you turn Premium Targeting ON will you begin getting played solely in the selected regions and demographics.

When Premium Targeting is enabled 1 premium targeted play will cost 2 play credits. With Premium Targeting we will guarantee that your music is played only to the listeners in your specifically targeted region(s) and demographic/age group(s).

You can turn Premium Targeting on and off, and set your Premium Targeting settings from the Campaign Settings menu and choose Premium Targeting

You have control to target the following:






Geographic Locations