Applying Credits

What Are Play Credits?

Credits are needed in order for your song(s) to be placed into rotation on Jango.com artist stations. 1 play credit is equal to 1 standard targeted play to a unique listener currently tuned into an artist station on Jango.com. Once the play credits are applied to a song, You music will begin to play to the listeners at Jango within the hour. A Play Credit is only used when a listener has heard the song from start to finish while tuning into one of your targeted artist stations. You can manage and use your play credits from the USE CREDITS page of your account. Just hover over the Play Credits tab from your Radio Airplay dashboard and click on Use Credits from the drop down menu.

How Do I Apply My Credits?

From your dashboard menu hover over the Play Credits tab and select Use Credits in the drop down menu. On this page you can hover over Apply Credits for each song to reveal a drop down menu where you can then select the amount you wish to add to a particular song on your list. Once credits are applied, the song(s) will begin rotation shortly after.