Artist Targets

Targeted artist are the artist you select on your page that you sound similar to. Your songs are played to the listeners that are tuning in on these artist stations at Jango. You can edit your targeted artist from your Standard Targeting page. To get to this select the Menu Tab ☰, under Campaign Settings click on Standard Artist Targeting.

With our Standard Artist Targeting option there are two ways to select artists to target. (NOTE: you will see a red circle symbol near these artist names after you have selected them. This symbol is if you are looking to delete this artist off your standard targeting list)


Enter the artist name in the search box


Choose one of the suggested artists based on your genre

Your list of Artist Targets is the most important factor in determining your listeners on Jango Radio. Each Artist Target you select for your list represents a group of listeners using Jango Radio - the Fans of those Artists - who will then be eligible to hear your songs playing in their station playlists. The songs you're promoting with applied play credits will be played alongside songs by your Artist Targets.

You can select between 5 to 30 artists for your list. The more artists you have, and the more popular those artists are among Jango.com listeners, the wider your available listening audience and faster your play rate will be. For best results, try to select very similar artists to you in sound and style, so your credits are used to play your songs to the best potential listeners using Jango Radio.

You can also click on any of the Suggested Targets under your list to add those artists to your list. Those suggested artists are based on your account’s main genre and your current list of artists.

You can remove an unwanted artist from your Artist Targets list by clicking on the red remove circle next to that artist name.

If you only have 5 artists on your list, you won’t be able to remove until you've added a 6th artist - you must always have at least 5 artist targets on your list.