Understanding Royalty-Free Services at Radio Airplay

Royalty-Free Airplay Policy: When you upload your content to Radio Airplay, it's important to understand our royalty-free airplay policy. According to our agreement (detailed in the Airplay Terms, specifically Section 3 under General), RadioAirplay.com is not obligated to pay you or any parties deriving rights from you for the usage of the content you post on the RadioAirplay.com Services. This arrangement is designed to facilitate the broadest possible exposure for your music.

Play credits allows you to target specific listener demographics, ensuring your music is heard by your intended audience. Included in this service is the placement of your song within the selected station's playlist, along with a Promo Unit pop-up to maximize visibility. Similar to traditional ad placements, this feature is designed to boost your music's reach, all while remaining royalty-free.