Understanding Fan Overlap

The Fan Overlap Report shows which artists your fans like most. This is a great report to view and help add new artist to your page! Your Fans artist like is extremely important when it comes to expanding your promotional efforts for you to widen your audience base to new targeted artist.

You can use the data in this report to better understand your fanbase. There may be artists you should target but hadn't thought of yet.

Because all listeners have profiles on Jango, we know quite a lot about their musical tastes. In addition to knowing they liked your song, we also know what other music they like. This report displays to you what other music your fans like, ranked by how many like each artist.

You will see numbers at the bottom of the Graph that shows on this page. These number represent a percentage of your fans. So if your graph shows an artist to be at 100 that means 100% of your fans have liked this particular artist and is one to consider adding to your targeted artist list.

The Best thing about this page is you can add the new artist to your targeted artist list right from this page!

Note: This report changes as new listeners become fans of your music. The information becomes more stable after 1000 plays.

Note: Some artist on the graph will have a * near there name. This means that this artist is already targeted on your targeted artist list.