Promote Your Station 🔥 Name Dropping 🔥 It's Not A Bad Thing

Name-dropping: the practice of naming or alluding to important people and institutions within a conversation, story, song, online identity, or other communication.

Typically we consider this a negative thing right? A tactic used to impress someone or boost credibility. Well, we are here to tell you when promoting your Jango station NAME DROP AWAY!

What better way for your fans to support your music then to be able to hear you alongside all the other music they want to listen to. Your fans can directly support you by listening to your artist station on Jango.com and Jango Radio App, they'll hear all of your live uploaded tunes within the mix of your similar artists and any artist they add to your station.

What's more they can become your fan, give a thumbs up, leave comments and more!

How can you promote your artist station?
Head over to your RadioAirplay.com dashboard and under Artist Content choose Songs.
All live songs will give you the ability to either share the song with a direct URL or easily share with a Facebook post. Copy and paste the URL or click the Share button in order to create a shared FB post.

Share your public profile.
You can promote your general public profile too. It will start your artist station with a random live song on Jango and allow your fans all the same access to support your music. You can locate that at the top right of your Radio Airplay dashboard.

What major artists are playing in my artist station?
The similar artists you choose on your Standard Targeting page are the artists Jango is going to play in your mix. Choose up to 30 artists!

Remember to let them know what other artists will be playing in your station!
Draw attention to your post and give your fans a little taste of what similar artists are going to be rocking in your station along with your music. Your fans can also easily add any other artist they want to hear directly to your station. Your music will still remain as the seed station and continue to play in the mix!

Does promoting my station benefit my PopScore?
Thumbs up initiated through the Jango station player and not the Promo Module do not get reported on your Radio Airplay dashboard. In order to maintain the integrity of PopScore, thumbs up that are not created via a play credit interaction do not count as a direct like in your reporting. However, they do count as a positive interaction on your profile. Moreover, new fans will absolutely count as a positive interaction and be present on your dashboard. The PopScore formula includes all of these interactions. Promoting your station can absolutely benefit PopScore.

We hope you enjoy sharing your songs with listeners and fans and we know they'll enjoy getting to support you while listening to all the other music they love!