Boost Your Musical Presence and Promote Your Artist Station

Your Music, Your Journey
Promoting your music is not just a task; it's an adventure. Share your songs, connect with your fans, and let the world groove to your rhythm. Your music deserves to be heard, and RadioAirplay.com is your stage.

How to Share Your Music

Share Your Song Directly

  • Navigate to your Airplay menu and choose Songs under Artist Content.

  • Click Manage to the right of the song you wish to share.

  • Copy the direct URL and share anywhere. It's that easy!

Showcase Your Public Profile

  • Navigate to your Airplay dashboard. Choose Dashboard under Settings.

  • In the top left under your artist name, click Jango Artist Page or copy the direct URL.

  • Your general public profile is a gateway to your musical universe. Share it and kickstart your artist station with a random live song on Jango.

Crafting Your Unique Sound Experience
Choose up to 30 similar artists on your Standard Targeting page to curate the perfect mix. Give your fans a sneak peek into the artists rocking alongside your music. It's not just about promoting; it's about creating an unforgettable musical journey.

You've heard of name-dropping, but what if we told you it's not just a tactic for impressing? For independent musicians like you, it's a game-changer in promoting your unique sound! Imagine your music seamlessly blending with tracks your fans already love. That's the magic of promoting your artist station on Jango. Let your fans directly support you, discover your live tunes, and groove to a mix of your music and similar artists.

Remember to let them know what other artists will be playing in your station!
Draw attention to your post and give your fans a little taste of what similar artists are going to be rocking in your station along with your music. Your fans can also easily add any other artist they want to hear directly to your station. Your music will still remain as the seed station and continue to play in the mix!

Boost Your PopScore: Music Promotion with a Twist
Thumbs up on Jango stations contribute to your PopScore. Promote your station, get those thumbs up, and watch your PopScore soar. It's not just about numbers; it's about building a community that loves your music.

Engage, Connect, Thrive
Encourage your fans to become part of your musical story. Leave comments, give thumbs up, and watch your fanbase grow. It's more than music; it's a conversation, a connection, and a celebration of independent artistry.