Where Does My Music Get Played?

Your music is played and promoted in listener stations on Jango Radio (web/mobile app), an internet radio site with over 8 million registered users. All plays are to listeners that are current users on Jango.

You can view your Jango profile anytime by clicking on the "public profile" link on the top right hand corner of your Radio Airplay account dashboard.

Your music is played to listeners who are tuned into the artist stations that you select as target artists. For example, if you select 'Madonna' as one of your Target Artists, it means that listeners of the Madonna station will hear your song(s).You can edit your artist targeting anytime from the ARTIST CONTENT>INFO&LINKS page on your Radio Airplay dashboard.

Take a minute or two to visit Jango.com as a listener to gain that perspective and station experience. It will be so much easier to understand exactly how your music will be presented. Search for one of your favorite artists and have a listen for a bit. You'll most likely have a Radio Airplay artist such as yourself pop up into your station.