How Do I Change My Account E-mail Address / Password?

Your account’s Email Address and Password can be changed and updated anytime, from the HOME > YOUR ACCOUNT page.

Place your mouse pointer over HOME in the top-menu, and then click on YOUR ACCOUNT when it appears underneath.

From there, you’ll see a Your Account section, and the options to set your account email address and password.

To change your email address, just type in the new valid email address to the “Email” field, and then click on the grey Update button underneath.

This will cause your Radioairplay notification emails to send to that new email address, and you’ll also be able to use that new email address for signing into your account.

Below this, you can also update your Password by typing the password you’d like into both the “New Password” and “Confirm Password” fields, and then clicking on the grey Update button underneath. This will instantly change your account’s sign-in password.

When you change any information on that page, you’ll then see a message at the top, stating: “Your account information has been saved” - That’s your confirmation that the information in question has been updated.