How Do I Change My Account E-mail Address / Password?

Your account’s Email Address and Password can be updated anytime,from the SETTINGS > YOUR ACCOUNT page.

Head over to the Menu Options page ☰ in the top right corner of your dashboard, and then under the SETTINGS section click on YOUR ACCOUNT.

From there, you’ll see a Your Account section, and the options to set your account email address and password.

To change your email address, just type in the new valid email address to the “Email” field, and then click on the blue Update link underneath.

This action will result in your RadioAirplay notification emails being sent to the new email address. Additionally, you will use this new updated email address to sign into your account.

Below this, you can also change your Password. To do this, you'll need to enter your old password before setting a new one. Ensure all fields, including "Old Password," "New Password," and "Confirm Password," are filled in, then click on the "Update" link in blue below. This will immediately update your account's sign-in password.