How Can I Access My Jango Radio Profile Page?

Once you have a completed Radio Airplay artist account with at least 1 song in “Live” status, you will also automatically have a public Jango Radio artist profile page. From there, all your songs have unlimited plays, and anyone who visits your profile page can become your Fan, leave a Comment, etc.

From your Radio Airplay account HOME page, you can easily access your Jango Radio profile page, by clicking on “Public Profile” at the top right corner.

You can also access your profile page from anywhere on the http://www.jango.com website or app, using the “Search” field at the top.

Once you’re viewing your full Jango Radio profile page, you can “Select” and “Copy” the full Jango.com website URL in your internet browser, so you can then post it on your other websites, in emails, or anywhere else you’d like to share it and get more visits to your Jango profile page.

From your ARTIST CONTENT > SONGS page, you’ll also see a special, shareable URL for each of your songs in “Live” status, where it says “Copy and Share”.

If you click on, Copy, and Share one of those URLs, it will direct anyone who clicks on it to your Jango Radio profile page - where that particular song will begin playing.

Sharing your Jango Radio profile page is recommended and beneficial for any artist, since the profile page can not only act as your free online library which you can use in your larger online promotional efforts, but can also help as an extra method of gaining new fans and other positive stats - all of which can help boost your weekly PopScore.