How Do I Connect To Soundcloud?

If you already have music uploaded and available on Soundcloud.com, you can use the "Connect with Soundcloud" transfer option to import your songs from there to your Radio Airplay account, as an alternative to the standard upload option. This is just an option for transferring music files - it does not link your Radio Airplay/Jango Radio and Soundcloud.com account or stats together in any way.

You’ll see that “Connect with Soundcloud” option on the initial “Upload Your Media” page when first creating your account, as well as on the ARTIST CONTENT > SONGS page of a completed account.

Once you click on “Connect with Soundcloud”, you’ll see a new “Connect with Soundcloud” window appear, asking for your Soundcloud account’s email address and password, so you can then access your Soundcloud account and do the song transfer(s) to Radio Airplay.

If using the Soundcloud transfer option, first check to make sure your Soundcloud.com account is set to "Public", and also that you have each of your Soundcloud tracks set to "Downloads Enabled", so that Soundcloud will allow the song transfer to your Radio Airplay account. You’ll be able to change those settings back in your Soundcloud account, once you transfer the song(s).

Also, remember only songs from Soundcloud which are in MP3 format and under 10 MB in file size will be able to be transferred and upload successfully to a Radio Airplay account. Any non-MP3 or larger-sized songs will have to first be downloaded from your Soundcloud account to your computer, so you can then do a file conversion/size reduction, and then upload it directly to your Radio Airplay account page from there.

Here's a free site you can use to do file conversions/size reductions, in case that's the issue: http://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp3

Once a song transfer from Soundcloud to your Radio Airplay account completes, the song should go from “Pending” to “Live” status within just moments. Once it’s in that “Live” status, this means the song is playable on Jango Radio, and you can start promoting it to your new listeners by applying credits towards the song from your PLAY CREDITS > USE CREDITS page.