How Do I Make The Most Of My Airplay Promotion?

Now that you've signed up, we want to help make sure your account is complete and in tip-top shape in order to get the most out of your promotion! We also want to help you make sure that your airplay credits are used in the most effective way possible. So Here’s a few helpful tips and tricks!

Use High-Quality Images

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. An interesting, professional looking picture will be sure to grasp the listeners attention. It also signals you are serious about your music. Make your default photo a high quality eye catching one! Picture files should be in JPG format, no larger than 5Mb. We also recommend that your default picture is square and at least 340x340, preferably larger. If you need to change your image just go to the Artist Content>Photos page to make the edit.

Keep your Song Title Clean and Correctly Spelled

Make sure there are no typos in your song title and avoid CAPS lock. The song title is part of your first impression and a professional looking title will further boost your image. If you need to make any edits to your song title, you can change it from the Artist Content>Songs page using the "edit song" tool.

Ensure Your Artist Name Is Properly Spelled

If you made mistake at sign up, or need to correct spelling, you can edit the Artist Name anytime from the Artist Content>Info & Links page. Once there, under "Artist Info", you'll see "Artist Name". Click on the "click to change" link next to your artist name to change your artist name on your account. This will change your artist name on your Radio Airplay account and Jango.com profile page.

Promote Your Hits

With a free account you can promote only one song, so make sure it's the best one you got! For users subscribed to a package that allows additional songs to be uploaded, we encourage you to add your album or various singles. However, make sure you apply more play credits to your hits, the songs you're most satisfied with and that listeners enjoy the most. If you are unsure which songs are more popular - compare your individual PopScore results in your Reports>Popscore page.

Use A Good Picture

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. An interesting, professional looking picture will catch your listeners attention. It also signals that you're serious about your music. Make your default photo a high quality eye catching one! If you need to change your photo, just go to the Artist Content>Photos page to make edits.

Update and Create a Complete Profile

Having a good looking complete profile can go a long way in having a successful campaign. Make sure you add as much information about yourself in your Bio section and remember to include social and store links so your listeners and fans know where to interact with you outside of Jango/Radio Airplay. You can edit and add band information to your profile from your dashboard's Artist Content>Info & Links page.

Update the Custom Message

The custom message is the second thing listeners usually see after your picture. Here's your chance to present yourself with 80 characters or less, be creative but stick to the point. Tell listeners about an upcoming gig, boast with a high profile quote or let them know you're giving away a free mp3 download. You should grow their interest by giving them further incentive to explore your music, be it on Jango, Facebook, Twitter or your own webpage. You can add a Custom Message from your Artist Content>Info & Links page.

Make Sure Your Artist Targeting is on Point

Artist Targeting is the most important aspect when creating an Airplay campaign. Your selections will determine the listeners (and potential fans) that will hear your music, so it's important to pick them wisely! You can select between 5 to 30 artists for your list. The more artists you have, and the more popular those artists are among Jango.com listeners, the wider your available listening audience and faster your play rate will be. For best results, try to select very similar artists to you in sound and style, so your credits are used to play your songs to the best potential listeners using Jango Radio. Learn more about targeting here.

It's Been More Than 24 Hours and Plays Have Not Begun...

If that is not the issue, the problem is most likely due to limited targeting. Play start is largely dependent on the number and popularity of artist targets selected as well as your chosen "play speed". You can help get your song rotation started sooner by making adjustments to your Campaign Settings>Standard Targeting page. From there you will see you can add more artists to your list of targets, and also change the setting on the "Play Speed" option. Learn more about play frequency here.

You Got Some Plays, But They Have Stopped...

If your plays have come to a complete stop, this means you no longer have credits applied to your song(s). Remember that in order to have the songs in constant rotation, play credits must be assigned to those songs you want played. With a FREE account, you get 10 free play credits added to your account each week. This equals 10 free plays per week. These credits must be applied each week from your Play Credits>Use Credits page towards your song in order to continue receiving them each week. If you want more airplay credits than what is given for free, the ability to promote more than one song, and access to premium features such as fan communication tools, you can upgrade your account anytime from the Play Credits>Buy Credits - Monthly Packages page.

Choose The Email Notifications You'd Like to Receive...

such as new fans, comments, emails and more and decide which email notifications you'd like to unsubscribe from all on your Home>Notifications page.