How Do I Make The Most Of My Airplay Promotion?

Now that you've signed up, we want to help make sure your account is complete and in tip-top shape in order to get the most out of your promotion! We also want to help you make sure that your airplay credits are used in the most effective way possible. So Here’s a few helpful tips and tricks!

1. Utilize High-Quality Images

Craft a compelling first impression with captivating, professional images. Choose a high-quality default photo in JPG format, ensuring it's no larger than 5Mb. Opt for a square image, preferably 340x340 or larger. Easily update your image on the Artist Content>Photos page.

2. Maintain Clean and Correct Song Titles

Perfect your first impression by ensuring your song titles are free of typos and avoid using CAPS lock unless necessary. Edit your song title effortlessly on the Artist Content>Songs page. Click Manage on the song title you need to rename, enter the correct song title, and Save New Name.

3. Verify and Edit Your Artist Name

Ensure your artist name reflects your brand accurately for a polished and professional image. If there's a slip-up in your artist name or if a correction is needed, simply head to the Artist Content>Info & Links page. Under "Artist Info," find the "Artist Name" section. Update your artist name and click Submit Name Change to promptly update across your Radio Airplay account and Jango.com profile page.

4. Showcase Your Top Tracks

For free accounts, highlight your most outstanding song, as you're limited to promoting just one. If you're a subscriber with the option to upload additional songs, consider featuring your album or various singles. Allocate more play credits to the songs with the highest listener ratings, determined by comparing individual PopScore results in the Reports>Popscore page.

5. Enhance Your Profile

Craft a visually appealing and complete profile by adding detailed information in the Bio section. Include social and store links on the Artist Content>Info & Links page to guide fans to interact with you beyond Jango/Radio Airplay.

6. Customize Your Message

Create a captivating custom message (80 characters or less) on your Artist Content>Info & Links page. This is your chance to be creative and entice listeners with upcoming gigs, quotes, or free downloads.

7. Optimize Artist Targeting

Artist Targeting is crucial for a successful Airplay campaign. Carefully choose between 5 to 30 artists whose sound and style align closely with yours. This strategic selection ensures that your music reaches listeners who are more likely to appreciate and engage with your tracks. The more similar the chosen artists are to your style, the more effective your play rate will be. For in-depth insights into optimizing your Artist Targeting, explore the details provided on the Standard Targeting page. This resource offers additional tips and recommendations to fine-tune your selections for maximum impact.

8. Troubleshooting: Plays Have Stopped or Not Started At All...

Encountering issues with your plays? Here are some steps to troubleshoot and get your Airplay campaign back on track:

a. Review Artist Targeting - If it's been more than 24 hours and plays haven't started, revisit your Artist Targeting. Adjust your Campaign Settings on the Standard Targeting page to add more artists to your list and consider modifying the "Play Speed" option for faster results.

b. Credits and Play Frequency - Ensure you have sufficient play credits assigned to your songs. The play start is influenced by the number and popularity of artist targets selected. You can adjust settings on your Campaign Settings>Standard Targeting page for a quicker song rotation.

c. Plays Have Stopped - If your plays have abruptly stopped, it may be due to depleted credits. Play credits must be applied from your Play Credits>Use Credits page to continue receiving plays. If you require more credits or additional features, consider upgrading your account on the Play Credits>Buy Credits - Monthly Packages page.

d. Need Assistance? - If you're still facing issues or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out for support. Contact us at support@radioairplay.com for assistance. Our dedicated team is ready to help you resolve any concerns and ensure a smooth Airplay experience.

By following these troubleshooting steps and reaching out for assistance when needed, you'll be better equipped to navigate any challenges and make the most of your Airplay promotion. We're here to help you succeed!

9. Manage Email Notifications

Tailor your Home>Notifications page to receive notifications that matter to you, such as new fans, comments, and emails. Unsubscribe from unnecessary notifications for a streamlined experience.