How Do I Get More Fans?

How Can I Get More Fans?

With Radio Airplay, your music gets played to listeners of your selected target artists on Jango Radio. Remember that in order to get your music automatically placed in rotation on users stations, you must apply credits to the song(s) you want promoted. You can apply credits to your song(s) from your Play Credits menu, Use Credits page using the apply credits tool. 1 credit = 1 play to a targeted Jango listener.

Once you apply your credits, your song(s) will automatically begin rotation, and you can keep track of your listeners and fans from your Recent Listener feed located on your Home page as well as your Listeners page. Each time your song gets a paid play, your listeners will have the option of becoming your fan by clicking the “thumbs up” button from your Promo Unit. You can preview your promo unit at anytime to see what your listeners view on Jango from your Campaign Settings menu, Promo Unit page by clicking preview unit at the top of the page. Remember that your promo unit only shows to listeners when your song is being automatically played via play credits.

It is up to each listener to choose to rate your music and become your fan. Keep in mind most listeners don’t necessarily choose to rate your music- this does not mean they did not like your song.

Even though it’s the listeners choice to become a fan, here are some tips that may help increase your fan conversion on Radio Airplay:


Make sure you are selecting appropriate similar artist targets

This is the most important aspect of a campaign. Since your music is played to listeners that are tuned into the stations of your selected similar artists, it is essential that you choose artists that are similar to your style of music, or artists whose audience you think will enjoy your music as well. You can choose from 5 to 30 different target artists from your Campaign Settings menu, Standard Targeting page. We encourage you to switch things up and try new artists in your genre, and see how the changes affect your fan conversion.


Promote your best songs

If you are using a free account, we recommend uploading and promoting your very best song. If you are subscribed to any credits package, you are able to upload more songs, but we recommend applying credits to your BEST songs- as this usually improves the fan conversion rate. We also recommend that you promote songs that are mastered, as the quality will be much better and will sound great to your listeners. Credits are needed to get your songs played in automatic rotation on Jango, but remember that listeners and fans can still go to your profile at anytime to hear the rest of your uploaded songs, even if they don’t have credits. You can manage your credits from your Play Credits menu, Use Credits page at anytime.


Choose a great, captivating photo

With a free account, you can only upload one photo, so make sure you upload the best you got! If you are subscribed to any credits package, you can upload up to 5 photos from your Artist Content menu, Photos page, but only one is used as the default photo when your song(s) are being played. Make sure your photos square and that they meet the listed requirements. We highly recommend selecting a high quality photo that is captivating.


Include a Custom Message

Radio Airplay allows you to add a message that will be visible to your listeners when your song plays. In this section you can say something that will encourage them to become your fan. Ex: “Thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, please click thumbs up!”
You can add a custom message at anytime from the bottom right portion of your Artist Content menu, Info & Links page.


We recommend that you share your Jango station link with your friends, family and fans by email or social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Ask them to click on the link and become a fan of yours on Jango!

You can find your station link by visiting your Jango profile. You can access your profile by clicking “Public Profile” on the top right hand corner of your screen, or just by going to Jango.com and searching for your artist name in the search field.
Here’s an example of an artist station link on Jango: http://www.jango.com/music/The+Tales?l=0

From the station profile, click “Become A Fan” on the left side of the screen to be added as your fan.