How Do I Use Artist Target Bundles?

Using Artist Target Bundles

Bundles are groups of target artists that you can choose to save and link to one or more songs for your Song-Level Targeting. You can switch between different Bundles and see if one performs better than another without having to remember exactly which artists you targeted previously.

Multiple Bundles can be created, edited, and then easily linked to other songs from your Manage your Artist Target Bundles page. You can access this from your Campaign Settings menu.

Bundles can be created two ways. You can start from scratch directly from this Manage Bundles section by clicking the Create New Artist Target Bundle

Or you can save a set of artists you have add to a song by clicking Save Current Targets as Artist Target Bundle in the bottom right of your Song-Level edit window.

Either of those two options will take you to the Create New Bundle Edit Window.

If you are creating a new bundle you can start adding the artists that you would like or if you saved from the Song-Level edit window your artists will already be there for you. You can add up to 30 artists per Bundle. Click I'm Done to be brought back to the View All Bundles screen. You can then choose the blue edit button to the left of your Bundle name to get back to the individual editing of the Bundle.

There are also options to Link the current Bundle to your songs, Rename the Bundle, and Delete the Bundle.

Utilize the drop down menu to choose the song you wish to link.

Linking your Bundle to one or more songs creates a dynamic relationship. Any changes made to the Bundle (add/remove of artists) after it has been linked will automatically reflect in any song that it is linked to. There will be no need re-link the bundle with the songs again. For example, if you have a Bundle linked to 4 of your songs, and you remove two artists from the Bundle. Those artists will also be removed in all 4 songs' targeting automatically without you having to go into each of those songs' edit windows.

Deleting a Bundle will remove just the Bundle listings from that view. It will also un-link the Bundle with any songs it was currently linked to. However, it will not remove any target artists from the song(s). Those target artists from the Bundle will remain as the songs targeting until you either link a new Bundle to the song or manually edit the song's targeting.

Bundles are a great way to experiment with different artist target sets without having to remember who you were targeting. Use one Bundle one week and use another Bundle the next and compare results. Make one Bundle full of very popular artists for faster play rates, and another full of not your billboard chart toppers when you want to slow the play rate now. Maybe certain Bundles only do well for certain songs, or maybe one Bundle is a universal fan generator no matter what the song!

Experiment, mix, match, and see what works best for your promotional campaign. More Tips and Tricks to come as these new features develop!