How Do I Use Song Level Targeting

Song Level Targeting

If you’re an artist whose songs fall into multiple styles and genres, you can now promote all your songs at the same time to different artist targets using the Song-Level Targeting feature. This is an optional feature in addition to Standard Targeting. Instead of all songs being targeted to listeners of one main list of Artist Targets, you can now use Song-Level Targeting on any or all of your individual songs.

You can access and utilize this feature, from the Campaign Settings menu choose the Song-Level Targeting page. You will see a list of all your live songs with an option to edit each. Note that hidden songs will not be listed.

To begin your song’s targeting, you can click the Blue Edit link to the left of your song title or utilize the drop down menu, choose the song title and click the edit button.

This will open the song’s editing features, and you can start adding the artists that you would like the song to target listeners of. You can add up to 30 artists per song. Add them by manually typing in artist names using the Add Artist Targets field, and/or auto generate and add suggestions with the Suggested Targets section underneath.

Once you’re done adding artists and you’re happy with your list, you must enable Song Level Targeting. Just click the blue Turn On button in the top right of the song edit window. Song-Level Targeting will then be enabled for that song, and plays will be targeted to listeners of the specific artists you have chosen.

After you enable this feature, any changes you make to the artist targets are in real time. You do not have to disable and enable the feature for them to apply.

If you want to disable the Song-Level Targeting, you just need to click the Turn Off button

If you want to use the exact artist selections you have just chosen on another one of your songs, you can now save those artist target selections as a Bundle. Just click on Save Current Targets as Artist Target Bundle. The list of artists will then be saved.

If you don't want to save them as a Bundle but want to just apply them to another song as a starting point, in the bottom right of the song edit window use the Apply current targets to drop down menu. You can also utilize the Bundle drop down menu to link previously saved Bundles easily to your song.

Multiple Bundles can be created, edited, and then easily linked to other songs from your list on a new page called Manage your Artist Target Bundles. You can get there by clicking the link in the Campaign Settings Menu or button on the Song-Level Targeting page

From here, you can create, edit, rename, delete, and link your Bundles to songs. You can also view exactly which Bundles are linked to each song.

And vice-versa. Your Song-Level Targeting page will also display which Bundle is linked with your song.

Linking your saved Bundles to songs allows you to easily edit the target sets for multiple songs. For example, if you have a Bundle linked to 4 of your songs, any editing for that Bundle will then reflect in all 4 songs' targeting automatically without you having to go into each of those songs' edit windows.

Remember, it's your list of Artist Targets, which most determines your listeners and also your play rate. Each Artist Target you select represents a group of listeners using Jango Radio who are eligible to hear your songs playing in their Jango.com station playlists. The songs you're promoting with applied play credits, will be played alongside songs by your Artist Targets to those targeted listeners.

For best results, try to select very similar artists to your songs in sound and style, so your play credits are used to play your songs to the best Jango Radio listeners and potential fan!